For anyone who drop on this blog, please read it first before you did something.

  • This blog gave you some pictures, video, or anything that had relation with Ulzzang. Especially Korean Ulzzang.
  • If you want leave some comments, sure go ahead. But this blog doesn’t accept spam, bash or something that might disturb the other readers. We’ll just delete it.
  • It’s okay if you want take the pictures, but please give us credits.
  • If you have any question or request, you can sent them to

Then I’m very sorry cause this blog lack of update, well….I just have three authors here.



10 thoughts on “FOR ALL MY BLOG VIEWERS

  1. Uhm… well, Im not an ulzzang so I don’t think it might help you a lot.
    But since I’ve some ulzzang friends, (well, they’re just local ulzzang and not korean) I can help you a bit^^
    I think Ulzzang is someone who have interesting,cut,or good-looking face since Ulzzang mean best face 🙂
    For physically you must have a smooth, no pimples face and nice body… that would make you easier for apply some make up and fashion, right? 🙂
    Then, you must try make up like an ulzzang always do, I’ll put tutorial If I can
    Use the nice fashion~ Ulzzang is know by their appearence too. Try to saw some new-fashion mode on korean site.
    Do some picture of your self, with ulzzang style.

    If you wanna becoma a popular ulzzang, you can try to join some contest
    but… would be better if you try to be famous withouth contest 🙂 like people judge you as ulzzang by their self.
    It would make you feel like you’re really ulzzang^^

  2. Hi! Your blog is really, really good. I like it a lot! I was just wondering, where are you from? What langauge do you speak? Its really cool! I hope you can update this blog a lot in the future, I think its very helpful and nice! I learn a lot. 🙂 You are really good for doing this, and I hope to see more from you~
    You should post the pictures of your local ulzzang friends! It would be fun to see! 😀 And please, a tutorial would be fun too~

    You’re awesome! ❤ ^w^

  3. oh hi you sweet-viewer 🙂
    Can you guess where am I? well, I’m Indonesian, and I can speak in English, Bahasa and a bit of japan. I hope that too bb, wish me not to be too busy^^
    but dun worry, sometimes ma friend help me too 🙂
    ah, I’ll try to ask their permission^^
    Oh, tutorial? yea, I think that’s nice.. I’ll write some tutorial on the new page 🙂 soon,

  4. oh… Ur indonesian 2? I think u r korean. Ho… May i know ur twitter chingu? Maybe we can talk about ulzzang.

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