I don’t search this by own self but copying this from Koeanfashionblog and surfing~

and also from some lovely viewers who gave me a lot of things! thankyou^^


Ahn Min Ji- http://www.cyworld.com/minj317

Bae Hyo Won- http://www.cyworld.com/baehyowon

Baek Jae Ah- http://www.cyworld.com/amarte

Baek Seung Hye- http://www.cyworld.com/milggar_

Ban Nam Gyu- http://www.cyworld.com/ooooo125

Ban Yoon Hee- http://www.cyworld.com/banyoon

Ban Yun Jin- http://www.cyworld.com/dancerbin

Bang So Myung- http://www.cyworld.com/_brightness

Bi Hyul- http://www.cyworld.com/bihyul00

BonJin- http://www.cyworld.com/715:18

Byeon Ji Young- http://www.cyworld.com/__bjy

Cha Bo Seoung- http://www.cyworld.com/ct0704

Choi Ha Neul- http://www.cyworld.com/hanoriwww

Choi Jong Mi- http://www.cyworld.com/hranger

Choi Moon Young- http://www.cyworld.com/Nymph_Y

Choi Seo Hee- http://www.cyworld.com/20000mm

Choi Ye Na- http://www.cyworld.com/missweasel

Do Hwae Ji- http://www.cyworld.com/dovely-

Gan Jong Woo- http://www.cyworld.com/JJongkhan

Guk Jang Mun- http://www.cyworld.com/poi1122

Gwak Min Jun- http://www.cyworld.com/mjmonk

Gwak Ba Neul http://www.cyworld.com/yujbn

Han Bom- http://www.cyworld.com/_hanbom

Han Dong Woo- http://www.cyworld.com/skywooya

Ha Jae Won- http://www.cyworld.com/am00_00

Han Jin Ho- http://www.cyworld.com/H_JH

Han Gook- http://www.cyworld.com/han9ki

Han Ji Hoon- http://www.cyworld.com/_hanstyle_

Han Seung Yeop- http://www.cyworld.com/black—hole

Han Suh Chun- http://www.cyworld.com/sunchaun

Han Su Hyun- http://www.cyworld.com/Hansuhyun

Ha Neul- http://www.cyworld.com/w-t-f

Haru- http://www.cyworld.com/classic986

Hong Young Gi- http://www.cyworld.com/dydtjgkfrp

Ho Jun Yeon- http://www.cyworld.com/kamelle

Hong Ah Reum- http://www.cyworld.com/esc19

Hwang In Seok- http://www.cyworld.com/youlove1004d

Hwang Ji Min- www.cyworld.com/say-it

Hwang Jin Uk- http://www.cyworld.com/chyahwang

Hwang Ju Won- http://www.cyworld.com/papes

Hwang Jung Jin (Jung Joo Ah= cousin’s name)- http://www.cyworld.com/_zin

Hyo Min- http://www.cyworld.com/wwww89

Im Kyu Hong- http://www.cyworld.com/ren4

Im Lee Rang- http://www.cyworld.com/1225k

Im Young Bin- http://www.cyworld.com/zzangiyb

Jang Hye Mi- http://www.cyworld.com/ddamn

Jang Hyun Jae- http://www.cyworld.com/idealmate

Jang So Hee- http://www.cyworld.com/jangsohee

Jo Mi Deum- http://www.cyworld.com/OsoriTop

Jo Min Young- http://www.cyworld.com/0168903342

Jo Soo Hee- http://www.cyworld.com/josuhee

Joo Hyun Ho- http://www.cyworld.com/0165501511

Joo In Ho- http://www.cyworld.com/103monologue

Ju Nal- http://www.cyworld.com/junal

Jung Bo Ra- http://www.cyworld.com/BlueBird-J

Jung Da In- www.cyworld.com/dain-dain

Jung Hye Ri- http://www.cyworld.com/nana_4

Jung Hye Won- http://www.cyworld.com/HHH_Fal

Jung Hyun Joo- http://www.cyworld.com/s2_4444

Jung Hyun Su- http://www.cyworld.com/s__smee

Jung Jin Young- http://www.cyworld.com/attentionj

Jung Joon Young- http://www.cyworld.com/jungjoonyoung

Jung Moon Ju- http://www.cyworld.com/moonjo0

Jung Roo- http://www.cyworld.com/:::realpurple

Ju Won Chul- http://www.cyworld.com/am2:00

Kang Hyuk Min- http://www.cyworld.com/babycrusinglove

Kang Ji Seon- http://www.cyworld.com/91_07_25

Kang Neung Kyung- http://www.cyworld.com/K_nk

Kang Su Ra- http://www.cyworld.com/sura91

Kim Ara- http://www.cyworld.com/u_12:12

Kim Bo Ram- http://www.cyworld.com/kim3783

Kim Deok Ah- http://www.cyworld.com/o_o5555

Kim Do Hoon- http://www.cyworld.com/dmodel

Kim Dong Gun- http://www.cyworld.com/work777

Kim Duk Su- http://www.cyworld.com/28503900

Kim Eun Jin- www.cyworld.com/1991-0813

Kim Ha Na- http://www.cyworld.com/kim7278

Kim Hoon- http://www.cyworld.com/khun23

Kim Hye Ran- http://www.cyworld.com/aiko1

Kim Hye Sung- http://www.cyworld.com/hyeseong14

Kim In Geun- http://www.cyworld.com/ik0228

Kim In Jung- http://www.cyworld.com/doyocat

Kim Jee In- http://www.cyworld.com/harurung

Kim Jin- http://www.cyworld.com/IMjenie

Kim Kyung Rok- http://www.cyworld.com/kimbin

Kim Mi Na- http://www.cyworld.com/mina3239

Kim Min Jun- http://www.cyworld.com/meoroi

Kim Min Seo- http://www.cyworld.com/hello_darling_

Kim Myoung Jae- http://www.cyworld.com/garish_j

Kim Pu Reun- http://www.cyworld.com/bluei7

Kim Seul Mi- http://www.cyworld.com/seulmi_k

Kim Shin Yeong- http://www.cyworld.com/lovelybani

Kim Sol Ji- http://www.cyworld.com/22927245

Kim Woo Joo- http://www.cyworld.com/p_4444

Kim Yeo Bin- http://www.cyworld.com/yb__

Kim Young Jin- http://www.cyworld.com/YJ-0529

Kim Young Min- http://www.cyworld.com/k870420

Kwak Dae Won- http://www.cyworld.com/pm2:04

Kwon Su Jeong- http://www.cyworld.com/kwonsu91

Lee Chi Hoon- http://www.cyworld.com/hoonroro

Lee Chung- http://www.cyworld.com/streetganji

Lee Da Som- http://www.cyworld.com/RADONNA

Lee Dae Hwa- http://www.cyworld.com/monkeydh

Lee Do Hyeong- http://www.cyworld.com/rik-2

Lee Ha Jin- http://www.cyworld.com/iiraraii

Lee Hwan- http://www.cyworld.com/fffan

Lee Jae Hyuk- http://www.cyworld.com/jaehyuk58

Lee Jae Won- http://www.cyworld.com/pm11:47

Lee Ji Hoo- http://www.cyworld.com/hoosama

Lee Joo In- http://www.cyworld.com/o_art

Lee Joo Yeon- http://www.cyworld.com/juyeon319

Lee Jung Ha- http://www.cyworld.com/717_

Lee Rin- http://www.cyworld.com/leelynn1

Lee Sang Ho- http://www.cyworld.com/olLSHLOVElo

Lee Sang Jun- http://www.cyworld.com/lsjoh

Lee Seung Hyun (aka LeeU)- http://www.cyworld.com/ws_u

Lee Shi Jin- http://www.cyworld.com/wlsz

Lee So Ah- http://www.cyworld.com/yisoa

Lee Soo Hee- http://www.cyworld.com/_banana

Lee Soo Hyun- http://www.cyworld.com/soohyunstar

Lee Tae Gyun- http://www.cyworld.com/phonesex

Lee Woo Joo- http://www.cyworld.com/-pm

Lee Ye Ji- http://www.cyworld.com/Honey18

Lee Yong- http://www.cyworld.com/32100321

Lee Yoo Jung- http://www.cyworld.com/_itdays

Lee Yoon Geun- http://www.cyworld.com/pando486

Mikki- http://www.cyworld.com/IIKOREAII

Min Byeoung Min- http://www.cyworld.com/buyngmin_1

Min Hyo Sun- http://www.cyworld.com/M-_-HS

Moon Dan Bi- http://www.cyworld.com/dbchichi

Min Seok- http://www.cyworld.com/asd3400

MoA- http://www.cyworld.com/MOA1224

Moon Ya El- http://www.cyworld.com/:yael

Oh Jung Gyu- http://www.cyworld.com/ya9rut

Oh Yoo Sun- http://www.cyworld.com/92-09-11

Oh Se Rim- http://www.cyworld.com/OSR112

Park Bo Ram- http://www.cyworld.com/ramis_world

Park Dong Ho- http://www.cyworld.com/010771003

Park Ga Young- http://www.cyworld.com/2009-10-24

Park Han Byul- http://www.cyworld.com/hanbyul84

Park Hyung Jun- http://www.cyworld.com/jun1763

Park Hyung Seob- http://www.cyworld.com/psla

Park Hyung Seok- http://www.cyworld.com/pkpk1188

Park Jae Hyun- http://www.cyworld.com/o_o9181

Park Ji Eun- http://www.cyworld.com/_misseun

Park Ji Ho- http://www.cyworld.com/400260

Park Mi Na- http://www.cyworld.com/pmn486

Park Mi Yeon- http://www.cyworld.com/park_miyeon

Park Sae Am- http://www.cyworld.com/amis_world

Park Sang Il- http://www.cyworld.com/ilppark

Park Tae Jun- http://www.cyworld.com/P_T_J

Park Won Cheol- http://www.cyworld.com/_cheol92

Park Yong Hee- http://www.cyworld.com/girldl

Pony- http://www.cyworld.com/jpshop01

Ryu Hye Ju- http://www.cyworld.com/400200

Seo Dan http://www.cyworld.com/–SD–

Seo Min Woo- http://www.cyworld.com/seominwoo

Seo Na Rae- http://www.cyworld.com/1004-nr

Seok In Hye- http://www.cyworld.com/seokinhye

Seok Jun Won- http://www.cyworld.com/ceill

Shin Dae Won- http://www.cyworld.com/dw9291

Shin Gwang Chul- http://www.cyworld.com/DJwho

Shin Ho Seok- http://www.cyworld.com/voicephishing

Shin Sol Ki- http://www.cyworld.com/ShinSolKi

Song Chan Ho http://www.cyworld.com/sos93

Song Geun Ho- http://www.cyworld.com/sky_ssong

Song Jae Sung- http://www.cyworld.com/farisrotter

Song Ji Yeong- http://www.cyworld.com/ssrak

Son Jung In- http://www.cyworld.com/lhasangol

Song Ah Ri- http://www.cyworld.com/0163602471

Sul Woo Suk- http://www.cyworld.com/lielow

Woon Jung Sun- http://www.cyworld.com/28267094v

Yang Dae Ho- http://www.cyworld.com/yangdae7

Yoo Hyeon Jin- http://www.cyworld.com/pppa22

Yoon Ae Ji (aka AJ)- www.cyworld.com/secretaj77

Yoon Da Young- http://www.cyworld.com/75027182

Yoon Jung Sun- http://www.cyworld.com/y-jungsun

Yu Ha Min- http://www.cyworld.com/onesecret


Yu Ha min . http://twitter.com/hammingchu

Park TaeJun . http://twitter.com/Abokist5

Kwak MinJun . http://twitter.com/mjmonkey

Ho Junyeon . http://twitter.com/92jun

Lee Ye Ji . http://twitter.com/star_yj

Kim Myeong Jae . http://twitter.com/yoinkee

Lee Chihoon http://twitter.com/hoonroro

Park Dongho http://twitter.com/_DHdong
Jung Hyunjoo . http://twitter.com/s2_4444

Kwon Sujung  http://twitter.com/Crystal_K

Lee Do Hyeong  http://twitter.com/Rikun2

Song Chan Ho http://twitter.com/chanoopy

Seo Dan – http://twitter.com/dsdd33d

Gwak Ba Neul http://twitter.com/yujbn


Gwak Minjun http://www.facebook.com/kwakminjun

Park Taejun http://www.facebook.com/PTJ1985







    • as I know, jung hye ri ever made some fb account,
      but Idk its real or not. you can try to add her, and saw her profile
      for ulzzang they’re usually didn’t show their photo album for public and see if some ulzzang also her friend on fb

  1. Hi, I have found this twitter account of this particular ulzzang, Seo Dan. I think it’s real? Because there’s Cyworld and Blog urls included in his profile. Please update here~! Thank you ><!

  2. Hey, i saw ulzzang gwak baneul’s twitter! i got it thru his cyworld and other ulzzangs. its confirmed. do follow him and update it here hehe thanks :* xoxo

  3. Hi! I want to inform you that Ulzzang Gwak Ba Neul’s twitter isn’t @yujbn93, that is fake. The real on is @yujbn~! Just confirmed yesterday~! Baneul oppa’s twitter is really low profile! ^* Anyway, do update Seo Dan’s Cyworld~! Here: http://www.cyworld.com/–SD–

  4. Annyeong 😀
    as I know Jung Roo has fb and twitter acc 😀
    but idk that is real or not :/
    this is
    twitter : LeeJungRoo
    fb : facebook.com/Ulzzang.JungRooLee

  5. seodan followed @p_shim! it’s ulzzang shim donghyeon he is seodan bestfriend >< 99% real i followed him alr!!

  6. hey sorry i am not sure bt p_shim ): i saw wrongly seodan doesnt follow him!! not sure if it’s real bout the a/c

      • i guess, beside it’s really strange if ulzzangs always claimed they’re ulzzang by their self.
        like minjun, he never use the url that have meaninng he’s an ulzzang. on twitter too, chanho, honggi, chihoon and the other ulzzang never wrote Ulzzang so clearly on their profile,
        People doesn’t need ulzzang words to consider he’s an ulzzang or not^^
        Then, for facebook usually ulzzang always wrote the url on their minihompy

  7. ehm… I think that ulzzang cyworld certainly right. But about twitter and facebook, maybe fifty fifty just a faker..

  8. thanks for providing the twitter and cyworld!!! hehehe i love all of them so handsome!! i found my new bias juwon here <33 followed him on twitteralr haha thx!! 🙂 do u have hoseok's twitter?? does he have twitter..?

  9. may I ask you something?

    do you know the name of ulzzang-girl in this photo?

    please tell me her name ^^ kamsa

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