Here is some file that you can download for free.
I’ll update this everytime I had new item 🙂
If you want to share it, please take out full with credit.
And..before someone brag to me I’ll spit out everything clearly here.

  1. I don’t own any pictures, you see.. I search it from their fashion-site, their private account, and some attachment file from my friends. SO I won;t say, that pictures is mine or what, cause I know I;m not the only want who had the same pictures as this.
  2. I ask you for credit. That’s because it took me forever for gettin’ those file, so please 🙂
  3. For pictures file, I put around 100 photos on each rar file.
  4. Megaupload is my main link, so if you get a problem just tell me. Maybe I would use Mediafire as mirror.
Thankyou ♥


Ho Jun Yeon:

[Part 01] [Part 02]


Song Chan Ho

[Part 01]


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